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Minnesota Waring About Copycat Companys Take A Look Below About A Company That Trys So Hard To Be Like A-A1 Perfect 10 Dont Mistake A Fake LookaLike.

Minnesota Strippers, Bachelor Party, Escort Service

Minnesota Waring About Copycat Companys Take A Look Below About A Company That Trys So Hard To Be Like A-A1 Perfect 10 Dont Mistake A Fake LookaLike.

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CONSUMER ALERT PART 2 about a local wack job.

CONSUMER ALERT - September 24th, 2009
We At A-A1 Perfect 10 Owned the 1st Exotic Dancers Website in 1997 In Mn and About 400 other Local websites with out the dashes the original ones. One other agency the copycat ones. 10 years later tried to copy us. an example of an unscrupulous agency that does and says ANYTHING try to fool the consumer to get their business. They regularly bad mouth A-A1 Perfect 10® to the point of slander. They constantly LIE about A-A1 Perfect 10® to make themselves appear as a reliable agency Ya right. The FACT is that A-A1 Perfect 10® is the #1 Adult Entertainment Agency in Minnesota Minneapolis Area and NO OTHER website or Agency compares, or even comes close to the Caliber of Dancers Direct From The Top Clubs And Movies To You, In addition to the Reliability, Professionalism and Customer Service that you can ONLY find at A-A1 Perfect 10®. Some of the slanderous lies that you will hear copycat Say about A-A1 Perfect 10® is that our Dancers don't show up and that they run 2 hours late to parties. This NEVER happens - PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Our Dancers ALWAYS arrive ON TIME and many times they arrive a few minutes early to setup We Don't Need 4hr Time Windows To Make it like others!! These LIES are good Tricks that seem to fool some customers that have never seen the best show live at your place.

We DO NOT offer discounts on our prices as we have the BEST/Hottest dancers available in Minnesota, while others routinely discount to TRY to compete with A-A1 Perfect 10®, but you should know, Do You Want the Bentley or A Minivan? when you get a discount in the adult entertainment world, you get a discount stripper - this means: Fat, Older, Lots of Stretch Marks, Saggy Breasts, Rough Faces Or a tranny that will not take Its Bottoms off etc. You will NEVER get Sub-Standard dancers with A-A1 Perfect 10® - that is our GUARANTEE!

Be aware that John from the copycat company himself is the driver to most of his shows and he is a 5'6, 140lb Gay individual that will strong arm you to pay - that is just one false promise he offers to lure naive customers into booking by making you come into an office and pay before hand then sending out totally different dancers than you pic out pay them once they arrive then you see what you are paying for!!

Some more tactics that "John" at copycat one employs: He has STOLEN images of Sara from our website She worked For Him 1 Day And Quit Why? He Is Nuts he showed up at here house after she quit. She now has worked here 5 years. He actually tried to Call And paid 2 of our old Professional Web Designer to blatantly STEAL and Infringe on our Copyrights Trying To Be Like Us The Original A-A1.

The staff at A-A1 Perfect 10® has brought a suit on this issue to John, the owner of copycat company, and he has PROMISED to remove all the infringing content, but like all of john's Promises, THEY ARE LIES after 8 years!

Not only has John stolen content from our Website, Copying Web Names Adding And Infringing Apon our name Trying to mislead the customers.

The MAJORITY of the girls pictured DO NOT even work for "Copycat" or Quit do to his nutty ways as Many are not exotic dancers in Minnesota. John Posts them to Portray a larger selection of dancers than he has working for him, when In reality, there are only a few dancers actually working for him. We Call Them Crack Ho's.

PLEASE do some EXTRA homework before you consider doing business with Him, as nothing but bad things come from his agency, and if you are BRAVE enough to let such BAD individuals into your PRIVATE RESIDENCE, He Has Stolen a Computer then by all means - call "copycat" right away!

The owner of copycat is a CONVICTED FELON From That-DON'T TRUST YOUR BUSINESS TO CRIMINALS! Police Report for this incident is available upon request just ask!

The staff at A-A1 Perfect 10® has filed multiple legal complaints against John (Full Legal name with-held) from “copycat one”. Please feel free to contact the Court House Or Us for copies of any of the reports!

LATEST INCIDENT CAUSED BY JOHN Saturday 6/14/08 - JOHN STALKED a Dancer That quit On Him She Could Not take his abuse he went to here house at 1 am banging on the door she was scared threatened by him and Police were called, and ANOTHER report has been filed against JOHN.,

(REAL TESTIMONIAL) "Dana” is a 5' 6" wht guy going under the name "john" with a stocky build and no hair or hair plugs. He drives a late model White Mini Van with the license plates "Gay1".Melonie.

If Have Any Questions Please Call Our Office Thanks.

Competition Public Thief Report
A Must Read Before Booking From The "Copycat Company"
Watch your Computer And Other Things From These People!!!!

A-A1 Absolute Perfect 10 1st Registered Trademarked in Mn as the leader since  4-17-1997 Look as Others Copied  

The "COPYCAT" adds "a-a1" in front of his name in 11-19-2003 6 years later trying to copy the leader?? Ask yourself why?? Trying To Confuse People or try to get our repeat business.



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